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AVA Club

      AVA Club is comfort and peace forever. You can enjoy the comfort of your home, never again thinking about possible problems with your equipment. AVA Quality will help you enjoy worry – free comfort season after season by keeping your heating and cooling systems running at peak efficiency. It is our goal to make sure that your equipment is providing the perfect temperature inside, no matter what the weather is doing outside. With AVA Club Agreement, our certified Trust specialists will diagnose any problems or system failures, carry out preventive maintenance and ensure that your equipment operates in accordance with the specifications recommended by the manufacturer and will also solve absolutely any problem involving malfunctioning of your equipment for free.

     Moreover, thanks to the service of cleaning and disinfection of the ventilation system every two years, you get permanently clean and high-quality air, as well as you will receive a 7% annual cumulative discount on the replacement of your equipment in the future, which with long-term cooperation will give you the right to free replacement of the system.

      For only $69.96 you will get a reliable partner, a great home climate and complete peace of mind, because we will take care of everything further!

VIP Customer Benefits:

  • Regular maintenance inspections are recommended by your equipment manufacturer, and a Preferred Customer Maintenance Agreement will provide you with one precision tune–up and safety inspection on your covered equipment annually.

  • A properly maintained heating and cooling system will operate at maximum efficiency and save you money on fuel consumption – and better yet, we will contact you to remind you when it is time for your inspection.

  • Extends equipment life and reliability. Few things are more frustrating and expensive as a heating and/or air conditioning system that breaks down or has to be replaced prematurely.

  • AVA Quality provides extended warranties for your heating and / or air conditioning system, which are confirmed by an annual maintenance check. You will receive 100% free spare parts and labor, with the exception of a complete replacement of the system.

  • 5 free emergency services per year.

  • 15% discount on all spare parts and work when installing additional equipment or performing additional work.

  • A cumulative 7% discount on the replacement of failed equipment, which will give you the opportunity to replace the equipment for free after 15 years of collaboration.

  • Priority appointment times that fit your schedule.

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