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Air Quality services.


      The ducts in your home, even though you never see them, are among the most important parts of an ongoing, air filtration, heating and cooling system that keeps you and your family happy and healthy. However, few people realize how often duct cleaning needs to occur. Dirt from your clothing and your feet, dust from dead skin and pets, and pollen from outside can start to block these ducts and vents over time and guess where all that excess ends up? In your lungs.

Duct Cleaning Services

      Your air ducts are the pathways that air travels along after leaving your HVAC equipment in order to reach the various rooms in your home. Each year, your air ducts handle tons and tons of air, along with the dust and other debris included with it. In many cases, this debris can become stuck inside your air ducts, resulting in a reduction in air quality and overall airflow. After a few years, you may find that your air isn’t as clean, your airflow isn’t as powerful, and you’re constantly dealing with issues like sneezing, watery eyes, or even household odors.

      If you’re dealing with these problems and simply tired of it, then turn to the professional Illinois duct cleaning team at AVA Quality. We use premium tools, state-of-the-art materials, and modern techniques to conduct a thorough cleaning of your air duct network. We service both modern sheet metal ducts and older duct systems alike, ensuring that the inside of your ducts is free of debris that reduces your quality of life.

Our duct cleaning services can remove all of the following:

  • Dirt

  • Dust

  • Dead skin cells

  • Pet dander

  • Pollen

  • Mold and mildew

      Over time, no matter how clean you might think the air in your home is, your ducts will eventually grow dirty and need to be professionally cleaned. We strongly recommend having your ducts cleaned at least every two years in order to maximize the quality of your air. Waiting any longer than this can also have repercussions for your HVAC system as well; dirty ducts will reduce your air quality and lead to air filters that fill up faster. A dirty air filter can both reduce energy efficiency and even cause your HVAC system to break down.





Duct Sealing

      If you have a heating or air conditioning system in your home, it’s a safe bet that you also have a complex duct system that distributes that heated or cooled air to the rooms of your house as efficiently as possible. Most people take that system for granted, forgetting that there are potential holes, leaks, or cracks in those ducts that could be leaking air in torrents, severely increasing your energy consumption and more importantly, your bills.

What Duct Sealing Provides

      Sealing the ducts in your home can help to keep your family comfortable, reduce the cost of electricity and heating year round, and ensure you are doing your part to consume less energy on a regular basis.

Beyond the money and energy saving benefits of duct sealing, you can also ensure higher air quality in your home. Fumes and gasses from outside can leak into open duct systems and be circulated throughout your home. This can make asthma, allergies or chronic illnesses worse and even if you have an air filtration system, the excess pollutants will be present in the air.

      Additionally, not all ducts carry heated or cooled household air. Some of them carry exhaust fumes and dangerous carbon monoxide. While it is important to have a CO monitor in your home, you can ensure safe breathing for your family with a properly sealed duct system.


Coil Cleaning

      Have you ever thought about what the condenser coil on your outdoor air conditioning unit is really doing every summer? In extreme heat, it takes the heat from your house and pushes it outside into that already warm summer air and in cold weather it moves air across heated coils to warm it. To do this, it pumps a large amount of air into and out of the house. Imagine what happens if dirt builds up on the unit or if you allow plants to grow over the outdoor coils? The air flow has nowhere to go and the air conditioning unit only gets hotter, building up to the point of potential damage.

      As a result, the cost of electricity to run the fan on your unit skyrockets as the lifespan of your air conditioner drops sharply due to overuse. To make sure this does not happen, AVA Quality provides regular coil cleaning to remove excess dust and debris from your air conditioning and heating coils. In addition to professional cleanings, we also recommend you pay especially close attention to the plants and dirt that build up on the outside of your unit, especially during the cooler months when it is not in use.

      A good cleaning should be done at least every two years, depending on how often you use the air conditioner in the summer. For those that leave their air conditioner on from May through September, you might even need to have it cleaned annually to ensure the build-up is less severe.



      Upgrade your home by improving the air quality and comfort. AVA Quality can help… with humidifiers that allow you to control and maintain the perfect air moisture, electronic and traditional air purifiers that clean the air before it circulates, and ultraviolet lamps that kills and keeps coils cleaner, ventilators that bring fresh air into your home. We also feature a number of other products for comfortable and healthier indoor living.

Contact AVA Quality at (847) 754-6210 today and schedule your duct cleaning service!

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